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online family nurse practitioner programs
Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs. As a family nurse practitioner (FNP), you will specialize in providing comprehensive and sustainable health care for families and individuals. It involves all ages, all sexes, all illnesses and all body functions. This is a primary care specialty and the emphasis is on holistic care. It puts the individual patient in the context of his family and society at large. Family Nurse Practitioners Focus is very strong in health promotion and disease prevention. According to Hrsa dot gov, Family Safety Practice Certification is the most widely held certification by almost half the workforce of the Nurse Practitioner.

Various schools now offer family nurse practitioners programs online. If this is something you're interested in, it's important to choose the school that works best for you.

Let's see, therefore, in the Top 5 Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program.

1. Georgetown University

Nursing @ Georgetown is an online graduate program from Georgetown University that prepares nurses who have their BSN with the specialized knowledge and skills they need to make an even bigger impact on their field.
Advance your career with one of the following programs:
* Family Nurse Practitioner
* Nurse-Midwife / Nurse Practitioner of Women's Health
* Female Health Nurse Practitioners
* Adult Gerontology Nurse Care Nurse Acute

2. Herzing University

At Herzing University, you can now join Family Nurse Practitioners online. This will prepare you for the national certification exam and will allow you to be recognized by your country's Nurse Board. Upon completion and certification, you will be able to work as an advanced practice nurse. You will be fully qualified to work in an academic environment and different health care settings. Your role is to keep patients of all ages and you will have a variety of special options to choose from, making it a very flexible career choice.
* Campus: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Type: Private
* Accreditation: ACEN
* Tuition: Varied and financial assistance is often provided
* Minimum commitment time: 12 months
* Degree requirements: GED, students can not be a citizen of Texas, BSN, RN
* Program: Master of Science - Nursing: Family Nurse Concentration Practitioner

3. Duke University School of Nursing

At Duke University, you will be ready to provide health care to people of all ages. Your course will focus on advanced clinical practice, which means you will work with families of all ages and around the entire health setting. You will become a primary healthcare provider with employment opportunities in a variety of different settings. FNP is a true leader and consultant, as well as a supporter for their patients. You will work with Duke University and their colleagues to apply the knowledge you gain.
* Campus: Durham, North Carolina
* Type: Private
* Accreditation: CCNE
* Tuition: $ 1,495 per credit hour
* Minimum commitment time: 49 credit hours
* Degree Requirements: Transcript, GRE, interview, letters of recommendation, BSN, RN license
* Program: MSN Family Nurse Practitioner

4. Vanderbilt University

At Vanderbilt University, you will be trained to become an FNP, delivering a full primary health care service to every member of the family. You will work with people with acute and chronic diseases and focus on disease prevention through education. You will do this from the perspective of the family unit and the whole community. FNPs often work in underserved and rural communities. Vanderbilt currently offers this title in distance format. This means you will study online and have to go to college for a week each month. This is a very intensive program and the full dedication expected of the students.
* Campus: Nashville, Tennessee
* Type: Private
* Accreditation: ACEN
* Tuition: $ 1,195 per credit
* Minimum commitment time: 3 semesters
* Degree requirements: Personal statement, transcript, GRE, three reference letters, application questions, BSN, RN license
* Program: MSN FNP

5. Kent State University

MSN specializing in Family Nurse Practitioners is available partly online. You will learn all the skills needed for risk detection, health promotion, disease management (acute and chronic) and disease prevention. This program is highly recommended and the graduates are the most sought-after people in the state.
* Campus: Kent, Ohio
* Type: Public
* Accreditation: ANCC
* Tuition: $ 8,730 for 9 semester hours for state students or $ 14,886 for state students
* Minimum commitment time: 3 years
* Degree requirements: BSN, RN license
* Program: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: Nurse Practitioner - Family

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Certification for Nurse Practitioners - Getting national certification is required by many states and employers for nursing practitioners and other advanced nursing practitioners. Credentialing is available at ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) and the AANP (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners). Candidates are required to pass a certification exam in a specialized field to get certified. Typically, this area of specialization is equivalent to graduate degree programs who have completed their education.