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nurse practitioner school in california
Nurse Practitioners School in California. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in California. U.S. Labor Statistics Bureau Estimates there are about 10,000 NPs active in the state. The majority of them work in outpatient care and their average annual salary is $ 98,970. The population in the state is very diverse, and this is reflected in their health care needs. As a result, there are many different specialization opportunities for nurses. Some of the most popular areas are GI or dermatology, orthopedics, geriatrics and public health. In addition, there is demand for nurses in rural and urban states.

In order to become a Nurse Practitioner in California, you should find a doctor with whom you enter into a practice agreement. In addition, you must be registered with the Nurse Association for California Nurse Practitioners.

There are many nursing schools in California where you can study toward NP degrees in various specializations. If you are considering participating in such a program, you should take the time to review at least three different schools. This will give you the opportunity to find the one that best suits your individual needs and needs.

Top 5 Best California Nurse Practitioner Courses for You.

1. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a Christian-based university. They have a strong focus on their students, offering small class sizes and innovative learning methods, including debates and discussions. Graduates are innovative true thinkers and ready to take leadership positions in the field of health care.
  • Campus: Azusa, California
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $ 592 per unit
  • Minimum time commitment: 42-54 units
  • Online availability:
  • Degree requirements: Transcript, BSN, RN license, resume, destination statement, prerequisite course
  • Program: Mental Health Adult, Family, Pediatric and Psychiatry NP

2. University of Samuel Merritt

Samuel Merritt University focuses on developing good relationships with its students. The class size is small and there is a strong emphasis on diversity. Reception is very competitive, with only about 24 students getting a place every year.
  • Campus: Oakland, California
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $ 1,215 per unit
  • Minimum commitment time: 49 semester hours
  • Online availability: No
  • Degree requirements: BSN, minimum GPA 3.0, 2 reference letters, examples of writing, CPR, TOEFL, TEAS, examples of writing, prerequisites
  • Program: Family Nurse Practitioner - Entry level and post professional

3. California State University - Dominguez Hills

At California State University - Dominguez Hills, students can take part in the Family Nurse Practitioner program. The focus is on bringing a true expert on the field. In addition, students are encouraged to continue to commit to their next professional development.
  • Campus: Carson, California
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Varied, please ask
  • Minimum time commitment: 48 units
  • Online availability: Yes - Multiple elements
  • Degree requirements: License RN, GWAR, statistics course, statement of purpose, resume
  • Program: Family Nurse Practitioner

4. Fresno State School of Nursing

Fresno State School of Nursing is committed to providing high quality education to all its students. Graduates are the true experts in their field. The school offers two options of NP specialization: Family Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Pediatric Practitioners.
  • Campus: Fresno, California
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Varied, please ask
  • Minimum time commitment: 40 units
  • Online availability: No
  • Degree requirements: written essays, GRE, transcripts, reference letters, RN licenses
  • Program: Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

5. California State University - Fullerton

At California State University, Fullerton, students can follow MSN female health programs that prepare them to become Nurse Practitioners or Nurse Practitioners / Nurse Nurses. The aim of the program is to prepare students to be true leaders in their field who can make practice with clinical excellence. The focus is on ensuring that women can achieve optimal health throughout their lifetime.
  • Campus: Fullerton, California
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Varied, please ask
  • Minimum commitment time: 53 semester units
  • Online availability: No
  • Degree requirements: Preparatory Course, BSN that is regionally accredited
  • Program: Health care of women NP / Nurse Midwife and NP

Requirements to Become a California Nurse Practitioner

To become a nursing practitioner in California, you must complete the following steps:
  1. Obtain a bachelor's degree recognized by the California Board of Registered Nursing. Those who want to work in public health can have a bachelor's degree and not a master's degree.
  2. Be certified nationally. This can be done through various certification bodies, namely ANCC, AANP, AACN, NCC, PNCB and ONCC.
  3. Certified by the Board. To do so, you must disclose your social security number. Failed to provide your social security number means your app will not be processed. Those who do not have a social security number should contact the board of directors to find a way forward. The nurse practitioner must then complete the appropriate application. It will also show you what documentation is needed.
  4. After being certified as an NP, you may submit a request for a prescriptive authority, made through NP Furnishing Number Application. Evidence of special courses and other forms of documentation is required.
  5. Renew your certificate. You must update your RN license, which can be completed online. You will receive a reminder about three months before you update it. If your license is updated, you will also be fingerprinted and you have to go through a full criminal history check. To update your RN license, you need to demonstrate that you have taken part in at least 30 hours of continuing education from a recognized provider. Your NP license will be updated automatically when your RN license is updated as well, and you will not have to pay additional fees. There are also no continuing education requirements, although your national certification body may have requirements. You should update your prescriptive authority if you have one, which comes with a $ 30 fee.

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Certification for Nurse Practitioners - Getting national certification is required by many states and employers for nursing practitioners and other advanced nursing practitioners. Credentialing is available at ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) and the AANP (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners). Candidates are required to pass a certification exam in a specialized field to get certified. Typically, this area of specialization is equivalent to graduate degree programs who have completed their education.