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online nurse practitioner programs
Online Nurse Practitioner Programs. A nursing practitioner degree is one of the best academic credentials in nursing. This postgraduate program prepares registered nurses to take leadership positions not only in nursing but also in their communities. Many nursing schools now offer their online non-clinical courses online, allowing current RNs to advance towards nurse practitioners' careers while continuing to work. Learn more about the online nurse practitioner program, including specialization paths, course details and suggestions for choosing a nursing school.

Nurse Practitioner Program: Online Experience

The online nursing practitioner program is designed to complement on-campus electives, following the same curriculum and clinical experience. Here is an overview of the online learning experience for nurse practitioner students.

Virtual Learning

Nursing education is suitable for online learning because students can complete the conceptual and theoretical curriculum online before switching to clinical rotation. Online students use web-based learning management systems to access course materials, participate in group discussions and collaborations, and communicate with colleagues and instructors. Programs can be delivered in real-time (synchronous) or asynchronous (self-paced), but allow students to access their resource at any time.

Local Perception

Students are traditionally asked to identify and select a preceptor in their local community, individuals who can manage the student's clinical experience. Many colleges have clinical placement coordinators who can help students find and establish local location agreements.

Local Clinical Rotation

Upon receipt of approval for local migrants, students may participate in local clinical rotation. Some institutions require visits to faculty sites to review and evaluate student progress.

Intensitive Learning

Some programs, especially the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, require students to take intensive lessons on campus during the program. Students may spend several days to a week or more on campus, participating in a clinical skills development session.

Technology Requirements

Online programs are accessible over the Internet, but usually require students to have a minimum technology system including the latest web and Microsoft Office browsers, and other programs such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player and Adobe Acrobat.

Pursuing online masters at the nurse practitioner level is highly profitable in today's job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average nurse practitioner earns $ 107,000 per year, and the field is expected to grow 31% by 2024. Careers as nursing practitioners are also very rewarding and rewarding. Nurse practitioners work with patients, while also providing follow-up care.

Nurse practitioners are assessed members of the patient care team. Because they can prescribe drugs, treat diseases, and educate patients, they are an integral asset for doctors.

Choosing a Program

online nurse practitioner masters degree student skills

Does This Program Gives Me with My Skill Need To Support My Career?

The best online teachers in the nurse practitioner program give students the skills they need to manage the increased responsibilities. Nurse practitioners work closely with supervising doctors to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness.

Do I Need the Experience of The Previous Workers To Get?

To become a nurse practitioner, you must first become a registered nurse (RN), and / or hold a bachelor's degree in nursing. Because the requirements vary by program, carefully review the application process for the program you choose.

How Do I Find The Right Online Program For Me?

When choosing an online program, consider everyday life and anticipated weekly commitments. Choose a program with enough flexibility for your life and resources to help you achieve your career goals.

What Excellence To Face My Master In Now Online?

Online learning allows students to be more flexible. Since many programs are offered entirely online with asynchronous instruction, you can decide when and where to complete your tasks, according to your current obligations.

What is The Best Master Online Program In The Practical Practices Program?

George Washington University

Science teacher George Washington University in nurse family practitioner nurse degree is a part-time practitioner online program practitioner designed for registered nurses who want to improve their skills in preventive, diagnostic, and management care. New Student Orientation GW Virtual equips students with information and program tools, and gives them the opportunity to interact with faculty, advisors, and co-workers. MSN-FNP degrees require 700 clinical hours, which can be completed in clinics in the student community. Students are encouraged to organize this experience with little guidance from GW. The program requires three on-campus programming commitments: learning and intensive skills that teach how to do history and complete physical exams, a series of clinical exams, and final skill assessments. Students are responsible for all travel expenses from the requirements on this campus. Applicants must have current RN licenses and current CPR certifications for consideration.

University of Nursing Frontier

The science teacher in the nursing practice of the family nurses of Frontier Nursing University is directed to registered nurses who already have a bachelor's degree. Unlike other online family nurse practitioners programs, Frontier also offers an optional counsel doctor for a nursing practice degree, which requires additional 360 hour clinical practice. Students must attend two sessions on campus at the Frontier main campus in Hyden, Kentucky, with all other courses completed online. The curriculum includes courses on women's health and childbirth, health promotion principles, and pharmacology for follow-up practice. Applicants must have a one-year RN experience, a minimum GPA of 3.0, and three professional references. Courses are organized into 11 week requirements, with a 2 week break in between. There is also a 675 hour clinical practical requirement that can be completed near the student community. The MSN program is usually completed in two years by full-time students, with a part-time presence also an option.

University of Texas Medical Branch

The Master of Science in Family Nurse Nurse Practitioner Program at UTMB has awarded the MSN degree since 1988. UTMB is a Military Friendly School and offers comprehensive services to veteran students through its Veterans Resource Group. This online nurse practitioner program prepares graduates to test national certification with the American Nurses Credentialing Center Nurse Credentialing Center Certification Practitioner Program. The program requires 700 hour clinical practice and 49 credit hours total for the course. Students outside the Galveston / Houston area are responsible for finding clinical placements in their area. The average FNP student takes two courses per semester for seven semesters. Applicants must have a nursing-accredited undergraduate degree, and those who do not have this degree are considered on a case-by-case basis. Interested applicants should also check whether their country is a member of the Mutual Reciprocity Agreement to ensure a mutual level of UTMB.

Stony Brook University

The 45-credit science master's in family health nurse practitioners program at Stony Brook University focuses on chronic diseases and common acute diseases through prevention, health promotion, and healing and care. On-site requirements include a one-day welcoming orientation and four intensities in a separate place, offered during the semester when a student completes their clinical requirements. The program starts every spring, with apps scheduled for December. Applicants are encouraged to have a bachelor's degree in nursing and at least one year of professional experience. Students without a nursing degree may be admitted on a conditional basis with the delivery of a clinical practice portfolio. Stony Brook offers the only nurse practitioner program in New York, and its graduates are eligible for professional FNP certification both in New York state and nationally.

University of South Carolina-Columbia

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, the University of South Carolina offers a competitive science masters in primary care family nursing care. This top-ranking online family nurse practitioner program enables students to complete their education in just two years, including practicum experience. Students complete 45-48 credit hours, depending on whether they choose a thesis or non-thesis option. The curriculum includes courses in clinical applications of population analysis, conceptual bases for family and community health care, and acute problems of adults and women's health in primary care. Students must pass a comprehensive MSN exam and complete all other degree requirements within six years. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, two reference letters, and current RN licenses in their country of employment for consideration. Graduates are eligible to take national nursing certification exams.

What to Expect from Online Masters in Nursing Programs?

The structure and format of online masters in nurse practitioner programs vary in schools. Take a good look at the details of each prospective program. Degree requirements also vary, so consider each of these factors before choosing a program.


Although the scope and focus of the course vary according to the program, most online masters in the nursing practitioner's degree program include similar foundation courses. Here are some sample courses that are common to many nursing practitioners curriculum.
* Advanced pharmacology: This course examines pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Students learn to manage prescription drugs ethically and cost-effectively.
* Advanced physiology: This course explores physiology throughout all ages. Students learn what factors cause and affect acute and chronic diseases, equipping them to diagnose and treat the disease.
* Diagnostic Reasons: This course teaches students to diagnose and treat acute and chronic diseases, preparing them to make the right diagnostic decisions as nursing practitioners.


A number of factors affect the time required to complete an online master in a nursing practitioner program. For example, a cohort-based program involves working with a group of students and it may take longer to complete. On the other hand, an all-round program of individuals is flexible and lets students complete courses according to their own schedule.

Generally, masters of family nursing practitioners require about 60 credit hours, which are usually completed by students in full in three years. Studying on a part-time basis can extend this time. Whether the program is synchronous or pretentious also plays a role.

Accreditation for Online Nurse Practitioner degree

In choosing the best online degree in special education for you, consider any potential program accreditation. Most schools are regionally accredited, and some may be nationally accredited. The Higher Learning Commission provides regional accreditation to schools that meet the criteria. The Nursing Education Accreditation Commission and the Collegiate Nursing Education Commission are both recognized as accrediting agents of nurse and nursing programs.

U.S. Department of Education handle policies in the US school system. The agency also provides assistance and assistance to students; You will send Free App for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year to receive financial assistance. U.S. Department of Education and the Board of Higher Education Accreditation both provide a comprehensive list of accredited junior secondary schools. Check their website to find the best nurse online nurse degree.

Fund your Online Master in Nursing Program

From scholarships to loans to grants, students have a variety of options to finance a master's degree in nursing practitioners. Large companies like Johnson & Johnson offer scholarships for nursing students, both undergraduate and graduate. Also check with local and national non-profit nursing organizations for scholarship opportunities.

All online students must start by filling FAFSA, or Free App for Federal Student Aid. Students applying for assistance must be enrolled in a master's program accredited by a federally recognized accrediting agency. Students in the nursing practitioner program may also apply for special program scholarships through organizations in the field.


Approximately two-thirds of current students rely on loans to fund their education, but there are many missing financing options that you can use to reduce the overall debt of your students.


Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an important first step for any student who has financial needs. Our FAFSA guide has a step-by-step overview of the process and answers to some common questions.


Financial aid for online learning is equivalent to what you would find for campus based learning, but that's not always the case. Learn about the changes that have taken place, as well as the various funding opportunities available to online students.


An online college program can be a flexible and affordable option for single parents who are interested in earning a degree and securing their family's financial future. We have compiled a list of scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options intended for single moms and dads.


Millions of dollars in free money are available for U.S. military personnel, but mostly unused. Learn more about grants, scholarships, and other financial assistance opportunities available to veterans, active duty service members, and backup.
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Certification for Nurse Practitioners - Getting national certification is required by many states and employers for nursing practitioners and other advanced nursing practitioners. Credentialing is available at ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) and the AANP (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners). Candidates are required to pass a certification exam in a specialized field to get certified. Typically, this area of specialization is equivalent to graduate degree programs who have completed their education.